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51 "in the year 1835 I settled as Squatter in the Calumet Island..." (the Widow Anne Cahill, Dec. 1848) Family F505
52 "Killed by trains" in the Canada Atlantic Yard. Killeen, James Edward (I824)
53 "Margaret Jemmeson, widow of Michael Moran farmer" Jamieson, Margaret (I29)
54 "Mary Teevins, Blacksmiths Daughter, deceased on the eighth inst. aged eighty four years" McNulty, Mary (I1884)
55 "McKechnie" might be McParlan? Family F704
56 "Michael Galligan, resident dans la paroisse de Richmond Haut Canada, fils majeur de Dennis Galligan et de Anne Kelly du Comte de Cavan en Irlande"  Family F364
57 "Mount Newtown, Co. Meath" (= Monknewtown, Co. Meath?) McGinnis, John (I4800)
58 "of the mission of Big Eddy" Somerville, Thomas (I3335)
59 "of the parish of Donhome [Drumhome?] and county Donegal Ireland" (marriage record, 10 Feb 1840) Connelly, John (I3287)
60 "Patk Hannegan of Bytown, Widower,...and Mary Herrick of Bytown, Widow" Family F1108
61 "Patrick O'Melia, son of Thomas O'Melia, and of Hanora Halloren, of West Port, Co Mayo, residing in the Township of March" Family F264
62 "Present at the funeral were John Scissons, Jos. O'Hara, Richard Hicks and many others." Lahey, Dorothy Ann (I1060)
63 "Present at the funeral were Joseph O'Hara, John Kennedy, Lacey Charlebois and many others." Nash, Ellen (I911)
64 "Present at the funeral were Lacey Charlebois, Patrick Kennedy, Denis Muldoon and many others." McMahon, Margaret (I1096)
65 "privately baptized by Mrs Patrick Muldoon" on day of birth Charlebois, Ellen Veronica (I1371)
66 "Received the abjuration from Protestantism and baptized Sarah, age twenty years, born of the protestant marriage of William Clark and Cathrine Clark. The sponsors were James Nugent and Ann Casey." Clarke, Sarah (I3875)
67 "relict of the late Mary Ann Asbury" Delaney, Michael (I1468)
68 "Son of Age of Benjamin Finner and Mary Mantle formerly of England and now of this mission" Family F1409
69 "son of Matthew Daly and Ellinor Killeen" Daley, Peter (I3304)
70 "Still Born, no Doctor." "Buried on own farm." Gallagher, Stillborn (I4826)
71 "The body was buried without service in church, on account of the child having died from contagious disease." Fahey, Mary Elizabeth (I2221)
72 "the following witnesses were present who have delcared they could not sign: Thomas Moran, Arsene Charlebois" Moran, Julia (I49)
73 "The parents were John Kelly & Mary Horrigan" Kelly, Daniel (I3532)
74 "The parents were John Kelly and Mary Houragan" Kelly, Elizabeth (I3533)
75 "The undersigned witnesses certify that on the 7th day of December in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety six, the body of Alicia the lawful child of William Hogan & Catherine Mary Lahey of this mission, who died on the sixth of aforesaid month 1896, was buried in the R.C. Cemetery of this mission. Aged 4 dys. Samuel Scissons, Joseph O'Hara. JA Sloan." Hogan, Alicia (I1695)
76 "Thomas Hogan, Hotel Clerk, son of age of Thomas Hogan deceased and Ellen Lynch, of Arnprior" Family F321
77 "widower of the late Letitia Scissons" Kelly, John (I3558)
78 "wife of Camile Cahill, of Ottawa" Cole, Theresa (I2821)
79 "William Madden, illegitimate, son of Michael Madden and Mary Scanlon of Perth" Madden, William Joseph (I955)
80 1 February 1830, Joseph Armstrong a witness to the marriage of William Tracy (originally of Queens Co, Ireland) and Rachel Dague (originally of Tipperary). Armstrong, Joseph (I853)
81 1817-1851. Volume 22. North American Emigration Societies; Individuals, 1829. Source (S15)
82 1851 census: lives in shanty with wife Elizabeth and son Patrick. Not found in agricultural census. Did he sell or lose his land? Galligan, Michael (I856)
83 1851 census: Patrick Gallaghan listed as widower. Cullen, Mary (I674)
84 1861 agricultural census: Concession 2, Lot 14, 100 acres. Concession 2, Lot 12, 100 acres. Armstrong, Joseph (I853)
85 1881 census for Paddington, London, England, Oliver Abbott (age 8) and brother Walter Abbott (age 10) are "inmates" at St Vincent Home for Destitute Boys, 11 Woodfield, St Mary Paddington. Parents "unknown." Abbott, Oliver John (I2100)
86 1881 Census of Canada, Bridget Killeen listed as "orphan" living in household of Margaret Lahey. Galligan, Bridget (I126)
87 1891 census: Thomas Hourigan (here spelled Horagin) is found in the household of Thomas Moran, and is identified as his nephew. Also in this household: Henrietta Moran; and a George Anderson, "domestic" and "farm labourer," and very probably a Home Child, age 18, born in England. Hourigan, Thomas Napoleon (I69)
88 19 months old at baptism (June 1835) Killeen, James (I647)
89 1901 Canadian census lists mother tongue as Irish. Harrington, Cornelius (I1789)
90 1901 census (enumeration date: 31 March 1901) finds her living as a boarder in the household of William and Mary Burke and working as a "tailoress."  Benton, Hanora Agnes (I61)
91 1901 census lists birth date as 2 Aug 1886. Massey, Albert Austin (I1687)
92 1911 census gives birthplace as Ireland, birth date as April 1835, and year of immigration as 1846. McDaid, Mary (I830)
93 1930 census lists his age at first marriage as 21. Family F1829
94 3305 Fleming Ave. Walsh, Thomas (I4832)
95 3528 Brighton Road McGlade, Mary Catherine (I1479)
96 3528 Brighton Road Walsh, Hugh (I1480)
97 5 months old in 1891 census, enumerated 9 May 1891 Derouin, Roseann (I2670)
98 A copy of the marriage record from St. Joseph's, Ottawa, found inserted in the parish register for St. Celestine, Pakenham (1875, page 154). Presumably Con Hazelton's mother Mary O'Neil was connected to the O'Neils of Fitzroy/Pakenham area. Family F494
99 A Margaret Maglade married a James Crolly, 16 June 1846, Killeavy Lower. Dispensation in 3d to 4th consanguinity. Witnesses: John Maglade and Owen Crolly.

A Margaret Maglade married a Laughlin O'Hanlon, 12 Feb 1847, Killeavy Lower. Witnesses: Edward Smith and John Maglade. 
McGlade, Margaret (I346)
100 A Patrick McGlade married a Rose Shevlin, 20 Feb 1840, Killeavy Lower McGlade, Patrick (I564)

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