Co. Wexford, Ireland



Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aspel, Frances  1823Co. Wexford, Ireland I3818
2 Aspel, James  Co. Wexford, Ireland I3822
3 Byrne, Peter  About 1836Co. Wexford, Ireland I4753
4 Cavanagh, Catherine  25 Dec 1837Co. Wexford, Ireland I1515
5 Cavanagh, Patrick  Co. Wexford, Ireland I1531
6 Kale, Mary  Co. Wexford, Ireland I3823
7 Kehoe, Peter  About 1823Co. Wexford, Ireland I4555
8 Lenahan, Thomas  About 1808Co. Wexford, Ireland I1039
9 Quinn, Mary  Co. Wexford, Ireland I1749
10 Ryan, Anthony  About 1795Co. Wexford, Ireland I5124
11 Stafford, Tobias  About 1786Co. Wexford, Ireland I3712
12 Ward, Darby Jeremiah  About 1799Co. Wexford, Ireland I3764
13 Ward, Edward  About 1770Co. Wexford, Ireland I3756
14 Ward, Mary  About 1798Co. Wexford, Ireland I3695