Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ward, John  About 1833Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5430
2 Ward, James  About 1812Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5432
3 O'Hanlon, Mary  About 1849Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5654
4 O'Hanlon, Loughlin  About 1819Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5640
5 O'Hanlon, John  Dec 1847Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5643
6 O'Hanlon, Bernard  About 1784Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5641
7 Murphy, Rose Ann  About 1790Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I4542
8 Murphy, Rose  About 1817Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5537
9 Murphy, Peter  About 1814Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5536
10 Murphy, Patrick  About 1840Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5655
11 Murphy, Michael  About 1813Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5535
12 Murphy, John  About 1819Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5538
13 Murphy, John  About 1776Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I4532
14 Murphy, James  About 1811Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5534
15 Murphy, George  About 1829Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I4531
16 Murphy, Elizabeth  About 1807Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5533
17 McGlade, Patrick  Aug 1843Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I3039
18 McGlade, Michael  Sep 1841Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I2914
19 McGlade, Michael  About 1829Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I1002
20 McGlade, Mary Catherine  25 Feb 1864Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I1479
21 McGlade, Mary  About 1785Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I4533
22 McGlade, Margaret  Abt 1869Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I1472
23 McGlade, Laurence  Apr 1835Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I2774
24 McGlade, Laurence  About 1799Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I2373
25 McGlade, John  Apr 1875Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I1179
26 McGlade, John  About 1827Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I120
27 McGlade, John  About 1797Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I2502
28 McGlade, James  Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I3935
29 McGlade, Daniel  About 1761Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5451
30 McGlade, Bridget  About 1829Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I2723
31 McGlade, Arthur  Oct 1836Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I2823
32 McGlade, Arthur  About 1751Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5532
33 McGlade, Alice  Jun 1839Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I3067
34 McCoy, Alice  About 1859Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5554
35 McCann, Peter  About 1785Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I4541
36 McCann, Michael  About 1832Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5613
37 McCann, Margaret  About 1803Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I2671
38 McCann, Bridget  Dec 1832Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I3426
39 McCann, Arthur  1813Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I2357
40 McCann, Arthur  About 1777Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5608
41 McCann, Ann  About 1833Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5611
42 McCann, Andrew  About 1820Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I4546
43 Donnelly, Patrick  About 1803Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5525
44 Donnelly, Mary  1827Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5614
45 Coburn, Sarah  About 1830Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5606
46 Carberry, Peter  Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5619
47 Catherine  About 1785Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 O'Hanlon, Thomas  7 Oct 1895Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5653
2 O'Hanlon, Peter  29 Feb 1892Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5651
3 O'Hanlon, Michael  27 Apr 1883Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5649
4 O'Hanlon, Mary E.  15 Jan 1876Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5646
5 O'Hanlon, John  16 May 1886Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5652
6 O'Hanlon, John  11 Dec 1847Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5643
7 O'Hanlon, Francis  2 Jul 1881Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5648
8 O'Hanlon, Catherine  11 Oct 1874Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5645
9 O'Hanlon, Bridget  28 Sep 1884Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5650
10 O'Hanlon, Bernard  8 Oct 1879Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I5647


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 McKinley, Elizabeth  About 1873Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland I952


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Murphy / O'Hanlon  23 Feb 1865Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland F1922
2 Murphy / McGlade  About 1806Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland F1527
3 McGlade / McCoy  22 Nov 1888Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland F1882
4 McGlade / McCann  About 1828Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland F704
5 McGlade /   About 1816Forkhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland F1884