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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ahearn, Mary  About 1818Ireland to Canada I136 Moran 
2 Armstrong, Ann  About 1828Ireland to Canada I43 Moran 
3 Armstrong, Catherine  About 1828Ireland to Canada I1203 Moran 
4 Armstrong, James  About 1828Ireland to Canada I827 Moran 
5 Armstrong, John  About 1828Ireland to Canada I855 Moran 
6 Armstrong, Joseph  1829Ireland to Canada I853 Moran 
7 Armstrong, William  About 1825Ireland to Canada I5149 Moran 
8 Benton, Honora  About 1842Ireland to Canada I226 Moran 
9 Benton, Thomas  About 1852Ireland to Canada I55 Moran 
10 Byrne, Jane  1833Ireland to Canada I54 Moran 
11 Cavanagh, Catherine  1866Ireland to Canada I1515 Moran 
12 Collins, Bridget  1852Ireland to Canada I2080 Moran 
13 Cullen, Mary  1843Ireland to Canada I674 Moran 
14 Cunningham, Margaret  1856Ireland to Canada I3026 Moran 
15 Cunningham, Patrick  About 1851Ireland to Canada I1609 Moran 
16 Dignan, James  1826Ireland to Canada I1870 Moran 
17 Donovan, Michael  About 1836Ireland to Canada I378 Moran 
18 Donovan, Thomas  About 1829Ireland to Canada I5179 Moran 
19 Dunne, Bridget  About 1852Ireland to Canada I702 Moran 
20 Dunne, Owen  About 1852Ireland to Canada I3411 Moran 
21 Enright, Thomas  1838Ireland to Canada I5114 Moran 
22 Fahey, Edward  Ireland to Canada I106 Moran 
23 Farry, Mary  1840sIreland to Canada I2429 Moran 
24 Foran, Margaret  About 1832Ireland to Canada I4735 Moran 
25 Gallagher, Hugh  About 1843Ireland to Canada I4726 Moran 
26 Gallagher, Michael  Jun 1842Ireland to Canada I4717 Moran 
27 Galligan, Anne  1832Ireland to Canada I1756 Moran 
28 Galligan, Bridget  About 1843Ireland to Canada I126 Moran 
29 Galligan, Denis  About 1840Ireland to Canada I1193 Moran 
30 Galligan, John  About 1843Ireland to Canada I677 Moran 
31 Galligan, Mary  About 1843Ireland to Canada I675 Moran 
32 Galligan, Michael  1834Ireland to Canada I856 Moran 
33 Galligan, Patrick  1843Ireland to Canada I673 Moran 
34 Gorman, Thomas  1841Ireland to Canada I899 Moran 
35 Hogan, Thomas  1840Ireland to Canada I1106 Moran 
36 Hourigan, Timothy  Jun 1824Ireland to Canada I70 Moran 
37 Hughes, Michael  1847Ireland to Canada I3995 Moran 
38 Jamieson, Margaret  About 1818Ireland to Canada I29 Moran 
39 Jordan, Elizabeth  About 1835Ireland to Canada I1237 Moran 
40 Kelly, Ann  About 1840Ireland to Canada I1757 Moran 
41 Kennedy, Cecilia  About 1850Ireland to Canada I2782 Moran 
42 Killeen, Denis  1819Ireland to Canada I135 Moran 
43 Lahey, Bridget  About 1827Ireland to Canada I92 Moran 
44 Lahey, James  1824 or 1825Ireland to Canada I42 Moran 
45 Lahey, John  1826Ireland to Canada I80 Moran 
46 Lahey, Mary  Jun 1824Ireland to Canada I71 Moran 
47 Lahey, Patrick  1824Ireland to Canada I83 Moran 
48 Leavy, James  1833Ireland to Canada I719 Moran 
49 Leavy, John  1833Ireland to Canada I53 Moran 
50 Leavy, Mary Ann  1833Ireland to Canada I16 Moran 

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   Family    Emigration    Family ID   Tree 
1 Ryan / Loughran  About 1840Ireland to Canada F1834 Moran 
2 Ward / McKinley  Apr 1849Ireland to Canada F1841 Moran 

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