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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Laura S.  About 1868Wisconsin I2860
2 Daley, Anna M.  About 1915Wisconsin I4259
3 Daley, Anthony O.  1908Wisconsin I4260
4 Daley, Gerald J.  Aug 1898Wisconsin I4254
5 Daley, Kathleen B.  About 1911Wisconsin I4258
6 Daley, Wayne R.  1905Wisconsin I4257
7 Gormley, Elizabeth Anne  1877Wisconsin I2913
8 Larkin, Ellen  Wisconsin I4263
9 McAllister, Stanley  11 Jul 1879Wisconsin I5686
10 McGarry, Catherine Evelyn  1892Wisconsin I2542
11 McGarry, Ellen M.  1879Wisconsin I2545
12 McGarry, Emma  1871Wisconsin I3833
13 McGarry, James  1873Wisconsin I3834
14 McGarry, John Henry  1874Wisconsin I2543
15 McGarry, Louis V.  18 Apr 1887Wisconsin I2541
16 McGarry, Mary  1885Wisconsin I2540
17 McGarry, Patrick Wilfrid  17 Nov 1882Wisconsin I2538
18 McGarry, Peter Alphonsus  28 Mar 1880Wisconsin I2537
19 McGarry, Thomas  1876Wisconsin I2544
20 McGlade, Margaret  About 1883Wisconsin I4964
21 McGlade, Michael  About 1886Wisconsin I4965
22 McGlade, Patrick  About 1878Wisconsin I4962
23 McGlade, Peter Joseph  About 1881Wisconsin I4963
24 McKay, Frank P.  About 1877Wisconsin I3545
25 Quinn, Harley  Jan 1887Wisconsin I2767
26 Torgeson, Hattia A.  11 Nov 1875Wisconsin I3963
27 Wright, George Grant  About 1893Wisconsin I3621


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 O'Donnell, Mary  Before 1930Wisconsin I4250