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All of my known ancestors, both paternal and maternal, both Irish and French Canadian, had deep ties to the Ottawa Valley region of Eastern Ontario and the Outouais, Québec. This website is intended to record and document their family histories; and to share the results of my research with family, friends, and other interested family history researchers.

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Our Irish Origins, Roughly Mapped

Our Irish ancestors came from at least the following eight counties: Armagh; Cavan; Clare; Cork; Galway; Limerick; Longford; and Tipperary.

For most of our Irish ancestors, I have discovered at least an Irish county, and, in many cases, an Irish townland of origin, as well. But I’ve yet to discover an Irish county, never mind an Irish townland, for James Moran and Margaret Jamieson, and I'm not sure that I ever will.

James and Margaret emigrated from Ireland to Upper Canada quite early (ca. 1818-1821). As one of the earliest settler families of Huntley township, Carleton Co., Ontario, they raised a family of ten known children (three sons and seven daughters). Their eldest known child, daughter Marcella, was born in Canada about 1821. However, they may have had a male child, born about 1820 (whether in Ireland or in Canada, I do not know), who died in infancy.

Their grandson Thomas Edwin Moran (1860-1942) recorded that they came from either King's (Offaly) or Queen's (Laois) County. And while Thomas ('Tommy') Moran had never known his paternal grandfather



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Delia Lucie Derouin (1902-1999)

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Jane Byrne & John Leavy

Emigrated from Co. Longford, Ireland in the mid-1830s; settled at Pakenham, Lanark Co., Ontario.

Alexander Michael Moran

Worked at the roundhouse at LeBreton Flats, Ottawa, as a machinist for the Grand Trunk Railway.

Catherine McCarthy

An avid gardener, Catherine Honora (McCarthy) McGlade was justifiably proud of her award-winning roses.

John Eugene McGlade

Jack McGlade owned and operated a service station in the town of Perth, Lanark Co., Ontario.

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If you have a photograph or a document that you'd like to share, please contact me. I welcome your feedback.